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Sarap sumakay ng LRT

Now, starting from the beginning. I was 15 yr old and in 3rd year high school at that time, going to an exclusive all-girls school in Makati. I was in between my first boyfriend and my second, so I was having what one might call a drought. One Monday morning, one of my friends came to school indignant. As In abso-fucking-lutely furious. She told us about how, over the weekend, her boyfriend got into a fight at the MRT on the way to Glorietta because some guy had the lakas ng loob to feel her up, blaming the rocking motions of the train. Of course her bf wouldn’t stand for it, and they got into a fistfight that ended up with all three of them being sent to the security office for a lengthy discussion. She was relating the entire occurrence but by then I had zoned out. I don’t know why, but somehow the idea of being groped in a train resonated with me. I imagined what it would be like to be felt up by a complete stranger in a carriage full of people. I was wet down there before I knew it. The whole day, I just kept on imagining some guy’s hand on my ass, on my breasts, in between my legs. I was fidgeting in class, rubbing my legs together, trying in vain to relieve my pent-up sexual tension. As soon as I got home, I went online to look for train grope videos and pictures (Most of them are from Japan for some weird reason, and that they all looked staged. But I masturbated myself to a frenzy. I remember coming three times that night and not getting any work done. That satiated my craving for a while for several weeks actually. Then, one day, I found myself on the MRT for some reason or the other. Not to sound like a prima donna, but, usually I have a driver to make me hatid-sundo. Anyway, I was on the MRT, and there were quite a lot of people on the train. The crush of bodies pressed so close against me brought my friend’s story to my mind again, and I found myself again getting wet. The idea seemed so hot and exciting. I could imagine someone’s hand wandering all over my body, and I almost wished that someone WOULD do it. However, no one did, and I spent that whole day horny as hell, and masturbated again when I got home. From that time, though, I really started considering doing it for real. I mean, provoking someone to grope me. Whenever I commute I make it a point to be well-covered up. Over the next few weeks, I found myself thinking idly of doing it, and then building up until I was actually planning on letting it happen. I surprised myself at that point, but by then curiosity and lust and pagka-tigang had gotten the better of me, so I started wearing mini-skirts, spag strap tops, racerbacks and the like whenever I went on the train. But I found that no matter how sexy I dressed, no one would do it. I was starting to get very frustrated, and very very horny. Masturbating couldn’t satisfy me anymore, and I was too shy to do it with my friends. Then, when I thought about it, I realized I was going about it the wrong way. Whenever I took the train, it was always from my house somewhere in Katipunan to Cubao, where I would transfer from the LRT to the Megatren since most of the time whenever I had to commute it was going to the Makati malls. I figured that if I wanted someone to touch me, it would have to be the LRT running along Avenida, Manila because the commuters there were more of the less educated type. But I never had an excuse to go to the Manila proper, and to be honest, that particular LRT was kind of scary. One day though, an opportunity presented itself. My friends were planning on visiting some of our other friends at DLSU since our school hadn’t started yet. I couldn’t hitch with anyone though, so I had to take the train. I was very scared and very excited at the same time. I was sure that this time something would happen. So after asking around about how to get to DLSU from Katipunan, I dressed myself in a white pleated miniskirt that went down around two inches below by crotch, a pink and red thong that one of my girlfriends had given me for a gift, and a thin white Adidas Climacool jacket (The significance of it being Climacool is that it is very thin.) with only my bra underneath. It was rush hour, 9AM. The MRT was still relatively empty. By the time I got to the EDSA Taft station, my heart was beating faster than I had ever felt it beat, and I swear I was absolutely terrified, but also extremely excited. Several times I thought of just hailing a cab and taking it to DLSU, but the nastiness of it turned me on just way too much. So I bought myself a ticket to Vito Cruz and waited at the platform. When the train arrived, it was absolutely packed full to bursting. There was barely enough room to squeeze myself through. I literally had to throw my whole weight onto the throng of people just so that there would be enough space for me to go in. This time, I was sure something was going to happen. I’m not that tall, so all I could see were the bodies of people pressing in around me. There wasn’t enough room for me to move my arms, or my legs, or even to get myself into a comfortable standing position. All around me I could smell the sweat of people tired from the daily commute. And I have to say that the types on the train weren’t exactly what you would call the savory type. They were mostly blue-collar workers, or else low-level employees. Still, I didn’t find it repulsive at all. For some reason, that thought turned me on even more. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone’s hand started exploring my body.

(To be continued)


Nothing happened, though, until the train pulled into the next stop from where I got on. A fresh crush of people pushed their way onto the train and we were all crammed onto the carriage. I was position near the train door with my hands touching the door for support. I was starting to wonder whether this was worth it all, when I felt it. A hand on my butt. The guy was trying to make pasimple, brushing his hand against my butt every time the train jostled. But the way he touched it couldn’t disguise the fact that he was touching me on purpose. My heart started beating faster, and I could feel myself starting to get wet. I tried to turn my head to see how the guy looked, but it was too cramped and I couldn’t turn around completely to get a good look. I could smell strong body odor, but then that could have been from any of the other people on the train. The hand on my butt was rough with calluses, so that suggested that he was not a stranger to manual labor. We went that way for a few minutes. The train was slow-going and it actually stop momentarily in between the next station for about 5 minutes. I felt more daring now, as the lust started to course through my veins. I pressed my butt against his hand, and reached down behind me to pull him closer against me. As if it mattered. With so many people on the train, we were as close as two people could possibly be and not be on top of each other. He was wearing shorts, and from what I could feel they were pretty worn and tattered. His legs were thick with curly hair. I felt him squeeze my butt firmly this time, and then he leaned his face close to my ear and whispered “Gusto mo ba yan?” With his hand on my butt I was starting to get really excited. My breathing was coming faster and faster. I closed my eyes, just focusing on the sensation of his rough hands on my butt. I didn’t want to look at him, because by then I knew that he probably didn’t look all that good and that if I looked at his face then I might just get turned off and the fantasy would ruin itself. So I focused on the sensations and let him and my imagination do the work. I murmured a soft but intelligible “Mm-hmm.” It was the most I could do without letting it turn into an outright moan. I pressed myself harder against him. I could feel his cock poking at me through his shorts. His hand slipped under my skirt and he was kneading my butt now, not just stroking it, but rolling it about in both hands, teasing the soft, pliant flesh. He was crushing it in his hand, squeezing it hard enough that I wondered if it would leave a mark. I was breathing fast and hard by now. I could hear him getting excited as well, his voice changing, getting huskier, his breathing coming quicker as well, as he smell my hair and kiss my ear.. Normally I would have slapped anyone who tried that to me, but damn, I was really in the mood by then. He slid his hand around my waist and into my panties. I tried to spread my legs as wide as the limited space could allow but there was just no doing it. I felt him gasp into my ear when his hand slid against my freshly-shaved, hairless pussy. “Aba. Ang libog mo ha. Ang sarap naman niyan kainin.” He said. He started running his finger up and down my slit, tracing the line of it slowly, applying enough pressure to feel good but not enough to penetrate me. God, he was such a tease. He sure knew what he was doing. I couldn’t help but gasp when he slid his finger inside my wet pussy. His finger was thick and rough. The friction of it was driving me insane. He started sliding it in and out slowly but as deep as it would go. I clutched at his shorts. I didn’t know how long I could stop myself from moaning out load. He pumped it in and out, in and out, faster and faster. I was thankful that the train masked the wet slurping sounds I’m sure that my dripping pussy was making. It was stroking almost the entire insides of my pussy, sliding against my clit, his knuckle brushing up against the ridge of my opening. The feeling was fantastic. His finger was wet and slippery from my juices. He would plunge it inside and then wiggle it around a bit, trying to work it as deep as it would go, trying to touch everything inside me, touching me in ways no one ever had before. Then he would pull it out, drag it against my clit, and then slide it in again. I couldn’t take it anymore. I started to moan softly, the gasps coming out from my mouth in quick succession. I was holding on to him for support. My legs were trembling from the pleasure. Had he pulled away, I would have collapsed onto the floor. His other hand reached around me again and under my jacket and my bra. He took my left nipple in between two fingers and rolled it around, teasing it to delicate hardness. He pinched it softly, tweaking it, and then kneading the whole of my boob in his hand. He was finger-fucking me in earnest now, just in and out. The pleasure was absolutely extreme. It was shooting all over my body, I didn’t know anymore where to concentrate, whether on his thick finger fucking into me, or on his hand on my breast. I pressed my butt against his hard cock, grinding it. He pushed against me as well. I knew he must have been aching to have it inside me. Truth be told, I wanted it inside me as well.


I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to be fuck right now. With a monumental amount of effort, I turned to face him, wrapping my arms around his body and laying my head against his chest. My knees were shaking, and my heart was beating so fast I was sure it was going to break out of my chest. I breathed in his scent, sweaty and unwashed, by turns revolting and strangely arousing. I brought my lips up to his ears. “Motel. Saan?” He smiled then. He was missing some teeth. Punyeta. At this point I didn’t care anymore if he was a freak, a leper, or whatever. My God. I wanted him. “Baba tayo sa Carriedo.” He said. In response I just pressed against him, feeling his oh-so-hard cock pressing against my stomach. My God. I was so wet. I was tempted to just bend over and let him take me right there on the train. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck.

The train pass by Vito Cruz Station but I didn’t get off, not wanting to spoil this opportunity. My phone was vibrating. I pulled it out of my bag. My friends were looking for me. “Huy, saan ka na?” the message read. “Emergency. Can’t make it.” My hands were shaking as I typed it in. Punyeta. Was I that horny? Did I want this ugly, smelly guy to fuck me? Punyeta. Punyeta. Yes I did. His cock was so hard as he rhythmically rub it in my belly. It seems an eternity to reach Carriedo station. My clit was throbbin and my panties were soaked. He pulled me off of the jam-pack train, and out of the station. We went down into a plaza I’d never seen before, packed with people peddling pirated DVDs. Hand-in-hand we pushed ourselves through the crowd, making our way to Hotel Sogo, which I saw looming in the distance. I stopped. “Ayoko diyan.” I’d heard too many stories about Sogo. And seen too many clips on the internet. “Wala na bang iba? Kahit mas mahal; ako na bahala.” He thought for a minute, and then started walking again, leading me towards another place. Hotel Paradise. Hmm. Works for me. We checked into the “hotel”. That early in the morning we were the only guests in the lobby. Even before the elevator doors were closed, his lips were on mine and his hand was between my legs. His finger worked its way underneath my panties, sliding deep into my pussy. I moaned. My God. Ang sarap. I ground my lips harder against his, my tongue sliding against his mouth, dancing an erotic ballet that would have put any dirty dancer to shame. The elevator beeped, the door slid open, and we stumbled into the hallway. At the room, finally, we locked the doors and fell into bed, our mouths never disengaging, slow and sensual. I was a girl possessed by man’s most primal, bestial needs, filled with lust, needing to procreate. No, not to procreate. To fuck. To be fucked. To be taken like an animal. To be ridden hard, and fast. My God. I’d never been this horny. Never been so in need of sex that I’d throw everything, caution, propriety, everything, to the wind, and let myself be taken by this unwashed, unshaven stranger, taken again and again. We didn’t bother taking our clothes off completely. He struggled with his button, finally freeing his cock, which stood hard with tangled pubic hair. I pulled my panties down my legs and tossed them onto the floor. He wasted no time, spreading my legs and positioning his cock against my wet, hot hole. He slid it in slowly. My God. Punyeta. This was what I was waiting for. Punyeta. He was so big. So hard. Punyetapunyetapunyeta. When he was all the way in, he pulled it out, before sliding it in again. He picked up speed. Faster and faster. Oh God. PUNYETA. IT WAS SO GOOD. It was like water in a hot dessert. He pistoned in and out of me. My loud screams of pleasure, so pent up inside me while in the train, tore themselves from my mouth with a passion I’d never have recognized in myself. My whole world dissolved into that thick, pulsing member sliding in and out of my most secret being. He filled me up completely, each thrust inward stimulating every single nerve-ending in my pussy. I moaned and screamed with abandon, loving the feeling of freedom, of anonymity, of being bestial, primal, lustful. I raked my fingernails against his back. I pulled him close to me and sucked on his earlobes, kissed his neck, his lips. He was fucking me faster, harder than I’d ever been fucked before. There was a slick sheen of sweat on our skin despite the cold air from the aircon. His hand clutched at my breast, squeezing it, kneading it through my shirt while he pumped in harder and faster. I moaned louder. He pumped harder. I bit at his neck. He squeezed my breast. I pulled him tight against me, locking my legs around his ass, pulling him as deep inside me as he could go, and then I contracted my pussy muscles, squeezing them as hard as I could. Reward. He moaned and collapsed against me, burying his face in my neck. He fucked me now with renewed fervor. His cock pulling almost all the way out and then all the way in again, deep inside me. At one point his cock slipped out my pussy with a wet, slopping noise. I reached down between my legs and put it in again. My God. Punyeta. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop. I plead with him. Thankfully He didn’t,. My God. I was going to cum. I was going to cum. I gasped out loud. Or it could have been a gasp, a moan, a scream, a roar. I lifted my hips up, taking his cock deeper inside me, our crotches pressed against each other skin-to-glorious-skin. The waves subsided and I lay myself back down. He wasn’t finished yet. He kept thrusting. And thrusting. And thrusting. PUNYETA. It was so good. I let myself lay down with my legs spread as far as they could go. I let myself be taken like an animal in heat. Then, I felt it. He fucked with a stronger sense of urgency. Thrust harder and faster and deeper. One, two, three, four deep linger thrusts. On the fifth he didn’t pull out anymore. He collapsed against me, pressing my breast so hard it hurt. He let out a loud, animal groan. He ground his crotch against mine. And he came. He fired his hot cum into my wet, willing, waiting pussy. Hot spurts, hot streams of ropey white cum filling my pussy. My God. He came so much. He came so hard. It made me feel powerful, knowing someone could want me that much. After a few moments savoring the feeling of his cock in my pussy and his cum filling my (non-fertile, thank God) womb, he pulled his deflating cock out of my pussy and lay back down on the bed, exhausted. We both lay flat on our backs, staring up at the ceiling, bathing in the afterglow. I was still fully clothed, in my skirt and in my jacket, missing nothing but my panties. He was still wearing his shirt, soaked through with sweat, and his shorts on the bed where they had come off during our wild fuck. My jacket had somehow come open, and my breasts were poking, my nipples hard and my chest heaving from the exertion. My legs were still shaking. My clit was still throbbing. We were breathing hard. Panting. Exhausted. And then, I turned to him. With a mischievous glint in my eye, and a smile on my lips. “Shower tayo.” He grinned then, and stood up, pulling me with him into the bathroom. We wet our bodies first with warm water, and later he grab the small soap and started caressing my breast with it. Ohhhh it feels so good. He likewise soap his chest and pull me closer to his chest. He started going up and down rubbing his chest to my chest. He said, ito ang tunay na body massage. I kept silent and just smiled, teasing smile. Later he stroke my pussy with the soap and lather up a thick creamy foam. As he was soaping my wet wet pussy, I cant help but moan, it really feels so good. As I was savoring the sensation, he stop and gave me the soap, ordering me to soap his entire body. Like a willing child, I obeyed him and stroke his entire body staying long on his still soft cock. Making sure all of it was clean as I was sure he was going to ask me to perform a blow job on him. When his cock started to be alive again, he immediately rinse it with water, both of us as if we were hurrying up on an emergency. When the soap was cleansed, we started kissing again as wild as before. He lick my neck like a dog licking its food. The warm touch of his tongue on my skin gives me a sensation good enough to make my pussy wet again. Pushing me against the wall of the shower room, he suck my nipples hard. Wow that feels so good. It hurt a bit but the tingling sensation was more pronounced. Then he squat and lick my pussy hard and suck my clit. Shiittttttt man. In that position, I reach orgasm in about a minute. Then he stood up and ask me to bend and give him a blow job. Like a good obedient girl, I oblige and suck him real good like a pro. I was to reciprocate what he did to me. Boy how he love it, evidence by his loud moan. I even lick his balls. I don’t know what made me do that, but I did. After 2 minutes of sucking and licking, he ask me to stand and bend towards the shower. And he inserted his big hard cock into my wet waiting pussy. I shouted at his first thrust because it was huge and long but I love the next round of thrusting. We moan at the same time enjoying each moment his cock is inside my pussy. After he cum, we shower and rinse and went to bed again naked. Tired and exhausted, we went to sleep.

After we woke up, we dressed up and prepared to check out. He asked for my number, and I gave him a wrong celfone number because I don’t want to see him again. Although he was able to satisfy me, but like a delicious food with bad appearance, its not enjoyable in its fullest. … Never again have I or will I repeated nor imagine this kind of adventure. Once is enough.

The end.

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