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beach adventure

My barkada planned an outing going to Bauang, La Union. Baguio was really cold this time that it even reached 7.5 degrees celcuis so we planned to go swimming to be heated up a little. But the heat we wanted was not what i expected. We were suppose to depart from Baguio at 6:00am so we would reach the beach at around 7:00-7:30am. I woke up late Saturday morning, I saw 35 messages in my cellphone, they were messages from my barkada waking me up,they already left, I was so late so I have to follow alone. It was already 8:00am i was still in Baguio. I was so afraid to follow alone so I texted my Boyfriend Alvin to accompany me in going to the beach.

Alvin and I met at a waiting shed where we waited for a bus to stop and bring us to our destination. When a bus stopped, we rode. The bus was full and the only available seats were only those at the back. It was really cold that time, he held my hand and pulled my head to lean on his shoulders, we wanted to me sleep coz it was still early, i closed my eyes. When 2 passengers were dropped off, Alvin pulled me to the side he hugged me. He placed his hands inside my jacket and shirt and squeezed my breast..oooooh it felt real good, he was mashing it and he was playing with my nipples. i was really getting horny that time. i was starting to get wet. Since we were at the very last row and side of the bus, no one could really see what funky things we were doing. I opened his zipper, held his hard dick and started stroking it up and was getting harder and harder and he was squeezing my breast harder to. I was really getting horny but then we had to stop because more people are coming in. “Mamaya na natin tuloy boo” I gently said and he just gave me a cute grinn.

We reached the apartment type cottage our friends got. It was already 10:00am so the sun was starting to shine, our friends had already gone swimming and they were already cooking for lunch. I told my boyfriend to change for his swimming attire so we could go to the beach and swim. We went to the water, when it was kinda deep already, he carried me, my arms around his head and my legs around his waist. we started kissing torridly at the center of the water. He was a really good kisser, that even through the water, i was getting more wet. My pussy was wet with what he as doing. He was slowly placing his fingers inside my shorts, he played with my clitoris really good i started to kiss him more torridly. He moved my t-back and inserted his finger inside my very wet pussy, he was fingering me inside the water i was really horny that i liked what he was doing all i said was “Boo, You’re bad”. “Bakit ako bad boo?”.He answered with a very naughty smile, i loved the way he inserted his finger but i had to stop him, the salt water was getting inside my pussy that it hurted already. We went back to the cottage, my barkada was there so i asked “Boo, shower na tau huh?”. “Cge boo, kaw bhla, d kna ba swim?” he said. “di na, Ligo na tau?” i answered back. So we went to the bathroom to take a shower, we didnt let anybody know that we were going to do something.

I opened the shower and started to rub my face. He went inside and kissed me torridly, he pulled my t-shirt and started licking my nipples.. “ooooooh.. ahhhhh… boo, more please” i begged then he started sucking my breast.. “aaahhhhhhhh, boo, gosh” i whispered. He removed all his clothes he was totally naked, i was stunned when i saw his dick. i knelt down before him. licked the head of his cock.. “ooooooh” i heard, i licked his balls, placed his two eggs inside ny mouth, the i licked his dick from bottom to top. i held his dick, i sucked the head while stroking it up and down, then i licked the hole of his dick, from his reaction i knew he liked what i did, i placed his whole dick inside of my mouth, deepthroat. i was eating his dick real fast. He laid down on the floor and pulled me towards him. i went on top, held his dick and slide it through my very wet pussy, i was horny so i sat on his dick, i went through, aaaaahhhhhhh, “boo sarap mo” i said. ahhh ahhh ahhhh i was jumping up and down through him, he was mashing one of my breast and he was sucking another, ooohhhh, i can see how his reaction was, so i was really more pushed to jump faster and harder… ahhhhhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhhh… from our position, i can see that he was having a hard time so i said “boo, kung lalabasan ka na, putok mo na sa loob” “sure ka boo?” he said. and i said yes. we furthermore fucked each other, harder, faster…ahhh ahhh ahhhh till he said he was coming… “oooohhhh, boo, jan na” ahhhhhhh and i felt the hot cum of my boyfriend inside me, we didnt move for a while, his dickwas still on me, then we stood up. we continued our shower thing, we kissed me. but i didnt cum so my navel was starting to be painful, he said “bawi aq”. we were going home na that time so i didnt think that he really meant what he said na babawi sya.

We rode the bus at around 5pm na, we seated at the 2nd to the last row of the bus, the bus was once again a little bit full. When the bus started to move he hugged me and squeezed my breast. “boo ano buh! daming tao oh” i said but he continued, he started to touch my pussy, he placed his jacket on top of my lap so that nobody would see what he was doing. he opened my zipper, unbuttoned my shorts, inserted his hand inside my underwear, and started to play with my clit. he was rubing it good i started to get wet again, i hugged him tight while he was playing with my clit faster and faster, i was so horny i started to moan, aaaaaahhhh boooo more, he inserted his finger inside and i felt heaven that i moaned louder… ooooo aaaaahhhhhhh boooo more.. he rubbed my clit so gently that it felt so good, so this was what he meant by the words “bawi aq” i loved it, sana lagi nlng siyang bumabawi sakin, haha. he was really rubbing my clit good, i started bitting his arms hard because i was reaching climax that time.. i was bitting my lower lip, i was about to come, just a little more rub and there i come, i was moaning real loud,,, ahhhhhhh, then there , he inserted his finger and there it went, ahhhhhhhhhh, i already gave all my cum, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i really moaned loud, he pulled his hands out and licked the finger he used to finger me, then he also let me taste my cum. that was the first time i tasted my cum. I loved the feeling, i was starting to feel helpless and weak.

i buttoned my shorts and looked at the person behind us, i was wondering if he heard my loud moans. Alvin Hugged me tight and told me to rest. When we reached Baguio, he brought me home, we kissed before our house and said our goodbyes. That day was unforgettable for the both of us, and till now i was wondering how we did it on the bus. im still hoping for another public adventure.


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